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What to Expect

Initial appointment: Please allow 1 hour for your first appointment. I want to listen to you and learn about your health journey.  After the needles are placed you will rest on the table 20-30 minutes.

Follow-up appointments: Allow 45 minutes for follow-ups. If conditions are similar the discussion will be much shorter. There will still be a 20-30 minute period of rest and relaxation once the needles are placed.

What to wear: Please wear loose fitting clothing.  Most needles are placed below the knees and on the arms.  Occasionally points will be used on the torso and head depending on the condition we are treating. Clothing that is not restrictive will allow ease of treatment.

After treatment: Most people find they are quite relaxed after treatment.  Please drink a lot of water during the day to stay hydrated and flush any toxins that may be released.

Holly Peralez, L.Ac.